The Policeman says it is safe to jog at nights for both male and female since they currently are on patrol at trains stations every day.

(Dave runs on the grass at dusk in Koornang park, photo by Wenxing Yao)

By Wenxing Yao,

Policemen think that since they are on patrol around the train station from 6pm until the last scheduled train service every day, it’s definitely safe for night joggers if they run along the train lines under police’s observation.

Dave is a local technician who is used to running three times a week, he thinks it is quite safe to run around a park located next to his house or on main streets in Carnegie.

He said, “I would say it can be safe for female to jog alone at nights because my girlfriend frequently does this, but it depends on suburbs for sure.”

For Chan who is a student living in Clayton said that he would only jog at nights in a park or a reserve where there would be many people doing exercise rather than jogging alone on streets.

He didn’t think it would be safe enough for female to jog alone at nights in clayton as he saw some coverage about female being followed while being outside alone when it’s dark.

Morning jogging is always popular with the public, but jogging outside is no longer just happen in the morning as more people are doing exercise at nights for some reasons.

For commuters, mornings are too busy to do anything before on duty, so they will choose nights for jogging instead. Also, night jogging helps to increase sleeping quality, said Dave.

More people think that jogging inside on a treadmill belt is quite boring but most runners seek for fresher air while jogging on the grass and it will be more relaxing.

Personal trainer Dean from Re-creation Carnegie Gym said, outside jogging is better than working out on a treadmill in an interior gym.

The treadmill takes away a lot of system muscles like hamstring which is the back muscle of the leg, so running inside on the treadmill will only use the quads which is the front muscle of the leg, said Dean.

Contrarily, running outside activates both hamstring and the quads.

“I recommend all my clients running outside comparing running inside even at nights if it’s not cold.”

However, Dean said that he felt safer to run in his living suburb as local people would be more familiar with their living areas.

For better safety, Dean suggested that it would be better for night runners to wear fluorescent sport suits and with earphones off ensuring they would be visible for cars and be aware of surrounding security situations.

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Online survey: Night runners’ thoughts regarding security and the comparison between running outside and inside.


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