Providing free laundry for helping the homeless connect to the society

By Wenxing Yao

Posted 26 May 2017, 1:16am

Orange Sky is a charity organization established in Brisbane in 2014, offering the world’s first free mobile laundry and showers for homeless people, which have launched many cities in Australia.

Infographic 1
Where and when can you find Orange Sky in Melbourne

It is realised by putting two washing machines and two dryers in a van for a profound purpose.

It aims to help the homeless to gain more conversations and be involved in the society.

Nich Kristock is a team leader of the organization, he said sleeping rough was quite suffering for the homeless but the lack of conversations with people would makes them feel excluded by the society.

“When I have something to say I have a phone, Facebook, a computer, I have ways to express myself,” Kristock said.

“Homeless friends have just as much need to express themselves as I do, but they don’t always have the means at their disposal to do so.”

He said that the simple things like having a conversation was what really needed by the homeless.

“It’s not the people who are just handing me the generous gifts, it’s the people that actually break away from that and ask you how you’re doing or if you need anything which make a lasting impact when you’re homeless,” Kristock said.

Paul Fanthorpe is one of those people who accept the OrangeSky’s help and praise the quality of this organization’s volunteers.

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“It’s so easy to go from being an awesome member of society since I’m here,” Fanthorpe said.

Infographic 2
How free laundry help the homeless connect to the society

As a volunteer, Geoff Amor said that most people were easily able to talk when they came for laundry as they all sit down and chatted with the community.

Geoff Amor joined the team as a volunteer said that while they were doing the laundry for the homeless, people got chance to talk with others, and could wear clean clothes when they left.

Clarrissa Carson works as the Melbourne’s service manager of the organization said the service they provided was not only for cleaning clothes but also for giving chances for people to chat with others.

“A lot of people they don’t come here for having showers but for having conversations,” Carson said.

“They came to make friends and to feel as a part of the society, which they think is more important for them.

“Our dream is really basic: to treat people how they want to be treated and to connect them in the community.”


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